Happy Valentine's Day

February 18, 2019 by the NTCA Bloggers Club

     Red, White, and Pink were the colors of the day! Valentine's day was celebrated with lots of Valentine fun to be had - for sure! Here is what the NTCA bloggers had to say about this "sweet" day! 

Valentine's day was sweet because my class had a party and then when I went home we had another party at home! Great time with my friends and family! Jeremiah, grade 3

On Valentine's Day we had fun because our class had a party and ate delicious cookies and pizza. We colored a charlie brown paper and a Valentine's day paper that had hearts everywhere on it. We all received a bracelet and a sheet of paper that had a bible verse on it.  Armon, grade 3

Super fun on Valentine's Day as we were watching TV and eating candy and Pizza. Or was that candy on pizza? Ai'Rianna, grade 3​
My favorite part of Valentine's Day was eating over 200 fruit snacks (almost), 143 Reese's chocolate cups (again, almost) and then I had pizza and soda!  Uche, grade 3​

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