Imagine the day has finally come, you are taking your walk on the red carpet, the lights are bright, people are calling your name, and you have photographers all around. Well, if you’re a student at New Testament Christian Academy you don't have to imagine anything, it just means it’s time for a new school year!

     Students began an exciting school year last Tuesday as they walked on the red carpet with shiny new backpacks and beautiful smiles for the cameras. Lines of teachers shouted and yelled welcoming the students back to school. Shortly after the entire school gathered for devotion where Principal Childs introduced our theme verse for 2018-19; “Run in a way to obtain the prize.   1 Corinthians 9:24”

     Students were asked “What does it mean to run in a way to obtain the prize?” Students responded with “to be learning in class”, “obeying”, “and listening”. She then asked, “What can YOU do to run this school race?”  Students responded:

  • Do the right thing
  • Listen to the teacher
  • Get homework done
  • Ask God to help you
  • Put in effort
  • Walk in the hallways
  • Don’t be naughty

With that, Dr. Childs encouraged them to get on their Mark, get Set, and GO, and to remember:

  • Excellence in all things
  • Run the race
  • Run the race to obtain the prize

Next, Dr. Childs introduced our School song for 2018-19, titled “I Got That”, by Anthony Brown & Group TherAPy.  The song sings about having Victory (V-I-C-T-O-R-Y) in Jesus, and because of that, we have no reason to fear, we have Jesus by our side, thanks be unto God who gives us the victory.  

Lastly, students and teachers echoed our school creed as Dr. Childs lead us:

Say it with me…

I am going to have a great day
Because I can to ALL things
Through Christ
Who strengthens me
Than a conqueror
Through Christ Jesus.
So, no one and nothing can stop me
From walking in EXCELLENCE
Because the same Holy Spirit
That raise Jesus
From the Dead
Lives in ME!
Believe with Me!

And with that, our red carpet welcome was complete and we were off and running the race!

A Red Carpet Welcome

by Mrs. Filber 9/9/18
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