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We are so thankful for Mrs. Michelle Childs, who has been our faithful coordinator for our schools participation for many, many  years.

Thanks go out as well to  Mrs. Lawrence  for her participation as she served with the judges in the first grade classroom.

One student from each grade represented New Testament Christian Academy at the ACSI District Spelling Bee on Friday January 17th, 2014. Each student studied hard and competed against students from eleven other Christian Schools.   We rejoice with all students who represented us and celebrate with two students who placed in the top speller positions.  Job well done to all those who participated, including; Jada, Charly, Aryanna, Evan, Kennedy, Demetri, Ayanna, and Cidney. Congratulations to Cidney for a second place ribbon in the first grade competition and to Kennedy for a third place ribbon for the second grade competition.

Grades 1 through 8th : The ACSI District Spelling Bee