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Congratulations to all our NTCA students who represented our academy! We are so thankful for Mrs. Michelle Childs, who has been our faithful coordinator for our schools participation for many, many  years.

Grades 1 through 8th : The ACSI District Spelling Bee 2017

Congratulations to the participants in this year’s February Spelling Bee including:

1st Graders: Andrea & Brooklyn

 2nd Graders: Bryce & Gabrielle

3rd Graders: Kalei & Jenna

4th Graders: Nylah and Leah

5th Graders:  Aaron & Mariah

6th Graders: Aliyah & Jermaine,

7th Graders: Barry & Abigail 

8th Graders Willie & Caleb

Top spelling award recipients were:

Jenna (3rd) - 1st place

Kalei (3rd) - 3rd place

Abigail (7th) - 3rd place