​We congratulate all the students for their participation in this challenging event at the ACSI competition held in Williams Bay, Wisconsin.  We look forward to the results from the Middle School competition in April 2016. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for students in grades one through eight to develop techniques to speak audibly, articulately, expressively and with poise and confidence.  We feel so blessed to participate and are thankful for our school coordinator, Mrs. Childs, and our teachers and parents who work with the students to prepare for this annual competition. 

APRIL UPDATE! Congratulations Middle School Students!

Good: Abigail in Bible Memorization, Caasi in Costumed Momologue Dramatic Reading

Excellent: Elissa in Puppets, Tiara in Puppets, Marcellus in Dramatic Reading, Malikai in Dramatic Poetry, Isaiah in Original Speech

Superior: Trinity (1st Place in the Original  Speech Category), Jada in the Costumed Monologue Humorous Category, Barry in the Humorous Reading Category.

NTCA has participated in the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) Speech Meet competition since 2008. The purpose of the Speech Meet is to develop communication skills, poise and confidence in speaking before an audience and to encourage fellowship with students from other Christian schools. 

Grades 1 through 8th : The ACSI District Speech Meet 2016

Our elementary students compete in March and the middle school students compete each April. Students  memorize a passage from such categories as Bible Memorization, Fables and Folklore, Humorous, Costume Monologue, and Poetry to recite in front of a panel of judges. Grade level competitions are held in-house first with the top three students per category advancing to the district competition.

ACSI Coordinator, Mrs. Childs

10201 West Bradley Road
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53224
​(414) 365-1677

Way-to-go, Aarin and Ivan!

Speech Meet is so much fun! Take it from the boys, it is!