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                                                                                    for students at NTCA this year while learning with Legos! Students learn challenging engineering skills through exciting and fun projects.  Students master required math and science skills while using WeDo.  Our students learn to be team players, creative and fanatical thinkers. During WeDo students build robots who sense sound and motion and play music. This curriculum supports student learning through discovery, modeling, and contextual learning.  These tool help to support STEM (Science, technology, education, Math) education at NTCA .  The activities are hands-on, project centered activities that help student continue to grow and develop as 21st century learners. 

NTCA's Science classroom is using three pieces of the Lego curriculum; Story Starters, WeDo, and Simple machines.

The Story Starter is a hands-on tool that supports language and literacy and motivates students to read and write by making them confident storytellers using Lego pieces and characters for stories! 

The WeDo Activity Pack enables students to work as young scientist, engineers, mathematicians and creative writers providing them with the settings, tools and task for completing fun projects.  

Finally, the Simple Machines pack has activities that focus on gears, pulleys, levels, wheels and axles.  So many things to build, so little time! 

Grades 1 through 8th : Lego Education Curriculum!


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