Mrs. Todd

If you're visiting NTCA in April and you see students in the hallways launching marshmallow and holding yardsticks, it must be getting close to the Science Fair! At New Testament Christian Academy we take science seriously and have fun in the learning process. Every May staff and students present a Science Fair that showcases our Problem, Hypothesis, Materials, Experiment, Observation, and finally our Conclusion to many, many science experiments. Each student presents a tri-fold project board which is evaluated by the Teachers using a rubric for each specific grade level.

NTCA Annual Science Fair 2014

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Once the three high scores are determined the competition continues as those students give an oral presentation. Finally, a gold, silver, and bronze medal is awarded to the top students from each grade. 

NTCA has been presenting a Science Fair for several years and we are very blessed to have our Seventh Grade Science Teacher, Mrs. Sarah Todd leading us each year. Congratulations to all the students for their participation in the Science Fair.