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Congratulations to all who participated

We are so thankful for Mrs. Michelle Childs, who has been our faithful coordinator for our schools participation for many, many  years.

Integrating the Bible with the school’s mathematics curriculum provides one of the best opportunities to demonstrate to students God’s orderliness, precision, dependability, infinitude, and systematic character. Mathematics expresses God’s creation in its absoluteness. We marvel at the absolute consistency of mathematical principles and recognize that the Bible presents the Eternal Inventor of that consistency.

NTCA participates in math olympics with these objectives:

​1. Stimulate an interest in mathematics.

2. Recognize the achievements of students in mathematics.

3. Provide an opportunity to meet and fellowship with other mathematics-oriented students.

4. Offer students an opportunity to glorify God in the use of their mathematical abilities beyond the classroom situation.

Grades 3 through 8th : The ACSI District Math Olympics 2015