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The Hour of Code each December 


 Here are some responses to:  Today I learned...

Grade 3

- That everybody in the world does the Hour of Code.

- How to code!

- That Hour of Code is hard!

- To never give up!

- Coding is fun!

- Coding is not that hard. 

- How to use Dodge and Strike in Moana!

- You should keep trying!

- You are supposed to use less blocks when possible to complete the code. 

- That sometimes it can be hard, but once you knock your head you're okay!

- Coding is hard, really hard.

​Today I learned...

Grade 2

- That it is hard to code!

- That it is not that hard. 

- I learned what a loop is. 

- Using loops you can tell a computer to repeat any set of actions over and over thousands or even billions of times. 

- Never stop!

- It's not just about work, it's about fun.

- That it's not hard, it's just challenging.

- On the Hour of Code, never give up!

- Moana is fun!

- It's not just about coding it is about how you code. 

- You should keep trying until you get it right. 

- You need to do repeat until do is done.

- How to do loops!

- how to move forward.

​- If you keep trying to do it, you can get it done.

Student Learning!


STUDENTS IN grades K5 through Third grade participated in the world wide Hour of Code event! Students learned about programming and how to solve puzzles using logic, trial, and error! Puzzle games included Star Wars, Mind Craft, Angry Birds and Moana. Parents were invited in 

to join their children because.... "you're never to old to learn how to program" according to the makers of www.code.org! THANK YOU Parents, for joining us for the HOUR OF CODE!