High Interest Day

February 25, 2019 by the NTCA Bloggers Club

     Cooking, singing, and games, OH YEA, it must be High Interest Day! On February 8th the students at NTCA had some electives to consider; cooking, dancing, singing, piano, art, relay races, games and more! Here is what the NTCA bloggers had to say about this fun day!

My favorite part of High Interest Day was when we played taboo and enjoyed snacks.   We also played guess what the person was doing - it  was fun! Ai'Rianna, grade 3

My favorite thing about High Interest Day was the relay races in the gym! While we ran we had to hold a stuffed animal between our legs and if the stuffed animal fell out of our legs we had to go all the way back to the starting line. To go faster we all jumped and then we raced against the other team and our team won! :-) Armon, grade 3

My favorite part of High Interest Day was the crazy karaoke! People were clowning around while listening to music and dancing to the beat -  super fun!  Uche, grade 3​

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