10201 West Bradley Road
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53224
​(414) 365-1677


Spanish Middle School 

 Mr. Lyle Mack 

Academy Secretary

Mrs. Felecia Hunter 

 Pre-Kindergarten (4K)  

 Ms. Kourtney Scroggins

First Grade

 Miss Michelle Springsteen

Middle School 

Math and Science 7/8th

 Mrs. Kathy Kubiak

Teacher Assistant (2nd & 3rd)

    Mrs. Michelle Childs 

Administrative Assistant

   Ms. Betty Burns-Lea

 ​​ Curriculum   Director   

Mrs. Jennifer Zanger


Technology K4 - 2nd 

​Art   K4-4th

 Mrs. Kyle Filber 

 Pre-Kindergarten (4K)  

 Mrs. Kristi Jensen          


Technology 3rd - 8th 

 Mrs. Maralea DeDecker

 Teacher Assistant (4K)

​     Mrs. Sherry Berry 

Third Grade

​Mrs. Vrontez-Drake

ACSI and MPCP Coordinator

Mrs. Michelle Childs

First Grade

 Ms. Nicole Walls

Fourth Grade

 Mr. Kendrick Allen

Fifth Grade

 Ms. Tiffany Gottowski

 ​​ Academy Principal

Ms. Renee Johnson

Sixth Grade

 Elder Brown

Middle School 

Reading and Literature /8th 

Mr. Cornell Owens 


 Mrs. Amy Anderson

Teacher Assistant (4K)

Mrs. Anne Grimes

 Second Grade

 Mrs. Beverly Hamilton-Williams


Our passion is 'Excellence Without Excuses'. We prepare students for the 21st century, not just academically, but also spiritually, mentally, and physically. We believe in a holistic approach to preparing the student for their future and hold to that belief when the school chooses curriculum, chapel, technology, and everything else that impact students. .