10201 West Bradley Road
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53224
​(414) 365-1677


Spanish K3 - 8th 

 Mr. Lyle Mack 

Academy Secretary

Mrs. Felecia Hunter 

 Pre-Kindergarten (3K)  

 Ms. Kourtney Scroggins

Middle School 

Math and Science

 Mrs. Kathy Kubiak

Teacher Assistant (2nd & 3rd)

    Mrs. Michelle Childs 

Administrative Assistant

   Ms. Betty Burns-Lea

 ​​ Curriculum   Director   

Mrs. Jennifer Zanger


Technology K5 - 3rd 

 Mrs. Kyle Filber 

 Teacher Assistant (K5 & 1st )

​Ms. Winifred Houston

 Pre-Kindergarten (4K)  

 Ms. Nicole Walls           


Technology 4th - 8th 

 Mrs. Maralea DeDecker

 Teacher Assistant (4K)

​     Mrs. Sherry Berry 

Third Grade

 Ms. Tiffany Gottowski

ACSI and MPCP Coordinator

Mrs. Michelle Childs

First Grade

 Mrs. Kristy Jensen

Fourth Grade

 Mr. Kendrick Allen

Fifth Grade

 Mrs. Kellie Kubiak

Middle School 

History and Bible

 Mr. Lyle Mack

 ​​ Academy Principal

Dr. Donna Childs

Fifth Grade

 Elder Brown

Middle School 

Reading and Literature

 Ms. Dianne Brown 

 Pre-Kindergarten (4K)  

 Mrs. Renee Johnson    


 Mrs. Amy Anderson

Teacher Assistant (3K)

Ms. Anne Grimes

 Second Grade

 Mr. Cornell Owens

Teacher Assistant (4th & 5th)

Ms. Sharnise Jackson


Our passion is 'Excellence Without Excuses'. We prepare students for the 21st century, not just academically, but also spiritually, mentally, and physically. We believe in a holistic approach to preparing the student for their future and hold to that belief when the school chooses curriculum, chapel, technology, and everything else that impact students. .