We are so thankful for our third grade teacher, Mrs. Kubiak who was our director for this years drama and for the help of our other dedicated teachers; Mr. Larry and Mrs. Zanger.

Behind the scenes of our costumes and props many thanks go to Mrs. Betty Allen. Thanks too, for our sound support from Mercedes Neddle and Marvin McNeil. Special thanks to our Technology Teacher, Mrs. DeDecker for photography and video and to Candace Mack for Music. We were so blessed to have Ericka and Delvis Malone as our Musical Directors. 

On Friday December 19, 2014, the NTCA students brought a Christmas message to the stage and performed a drama called "Bed, Bethlehem & Beyond".

Each grade contributed to this drama that included musical instruments, dance, solos, and a chorus of music that warmed the heart of all those in the audience.  Students had an opportunity to share their drama and musical talents as well as bring a timely message to the audience. Each of us is an Innkeeper who decides if there is room in our hearts for Jesus.

NTCA: Christmas Drama 2014


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