10201 West Bradley Road
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53224
​(414) 365-1677
New Testament Christian Academy is an evangelical, Bible believing school whose doctrines are based on biblical presuppositions, including:
  • God (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) and His redemptive work in man's salvation through Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
  • The ordinances of the communion of believers.
  • A distinction between local church membership and membership in the Body of Christ. We believe and teach that salvation should precede enrollment in the local body (Acts 2:37, 3:47).

The intent of the school is to:
  • Educate all children in the ways of God.
  • Educate children with Christ-centered curriculum to prepare them to live Christian lives in the larger society.
  • Provide a Christian academic environment, to maximize the individual abilities of each child; and
  • Reflect the qualities exhibited by the one risen Savior, Jesus Christ our Lord, so that students will be able to compete effectively and contribute significantly within society.

New Testament Christian Academy is a Christian school seeking to fulfill its mission by recognizing shared responsibilities. The role of the faculty is to teach the students to achieve their potential, to use their gifts to reach spiritual maturity, and to attain academic excellence. The role of the student is to be responsible for his/her development as a whole person in order to prepare for life and work as an adult. The role of the parent is to support the goals of NTCA, to encourage the efforts of their sons & daughters, and to participate in school activities. Together, the NTCA community will build human rights and dignity.

Our Intent

We Believe

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